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Our policy is to discuss our clients requirements with them and agree an overall package from the various services which we offer. However we are not constrained by the services described. We are happy to discuss any services which our clients may require.


Business Needs Analysis (BNA) looks at the key business and personal issues of the client. It is a simple and pain free process involving the comletion by the client of a BNA quesytionnaire. This is done at our premises and takes approx. one hour. The BNA enables the client to identify key problems and issues and an inital report is produced summarizing all the areas that need attending together with our recommendations. This is a FREE SERVICE!

We then meet with the client to discuss the issues raised in the report and to perpare a detailed Action Plan which:

• Lists the priority of actions to be taken and nominates who will undertake the tasks required
• Sets clear time deadlines to complete the tasks

A typical report covers the following areas:

• Asset Protection
• Marketing
• Estate Planning
• Profit Improvement Planning
• Management Control



We offer a complete taxation service, which ranges from completing tax returns to advising on future tax planning. The service is comprehensive and covers both income and capital taxes for corporate clients, individuals, partnerships and trusts.

Tax law changes rapidly. It is therefore essential to keep policies under review in case any modifications may be desirable.

Corporation Tax

We normally aim to review each company's tax position before the year-end. This provides an opportunity for planning and assessing the respective merits of different strategies.

Income Tax

We can assist in all areas of income tax. Tax planning can be vitally important and we encourage clients to discuss the taxation consequences of major decisions at an early stage.

As a matter of deliberate policy the Inland Revenue are concentrating resources on an increasing number of in-depth investigations and examinations of some business practices. Should you become involved in such an investigation we can assist you in your dealings with the Revenue.


The Inland Revenue have special teams which regularly investigate employers' PAYE systems. Particular problem areas are items such as: returns of employees' benefits, the treatment of company cars, casual labour and directors loans.

Capital Gains Tax

We can help you to make the best possible use of the reliefs available to you.

A client's tax position is also likely to affect the choice of suitable investments available to the client. We are happy to work with specialist advisors in arranging the most suitable investment strategy for the client.

Inheritance Tax

Estate planning normally involves many different aspects of a client's financial affairs. Experience indicates that our central coordinating role can be crucial, even though the various facets of the matter are being handled by respective specialists.



The preparation and accounts is at the heart of any accounting practice.

Among the principal reasons for formal accounts are:-

- To fulfill the statutory obligation to prepare accounts in the format required by law.

- To give a proper picture of the financial situation of the business both owners and management.

- To give the data on which banks, suppliers and other outsiders dealing with the business assess the firm's financial standing.

- To provide the basis for the Inland Revenue to determine the tax liability.

- To give the required statutory information to shareholders and the Registrar of Companies.

For many clients, the account is the core of an independent and objective review of the company's position. We therefore like to be thoroughly familiar with the aims and specific nature of each client's business.

Where we also provide a management accountancy service this review is a continuous process, although formalised after the year end with preparation of formal statutory accounts if the client requires.

This is practical and tailored to the size and nature of the client's business. As well as tax it covers such areas as security, insurance, finance, accounting systems, stock levels, debtors and creditors, director's and employee's remuneration, cash flow control, pensions and also help in the preparation of future business plans.

Depending upon the size and nature of the business (and the client's preferences) the review may be written or as part of the meeting with the client when the accounts are finalised.



Management accounts are an essential tool in monitoring the success (or otherwise) of any venture. Without regular up-to-date and reliable information it may be impossible to recognise potential problems and take corrective action in time.

Our aim is always to provide the information needed by the client in the required form. We will therefore discuss the requirements in advance with our clients in order to determine their needs. As the needs of the clients' change, or are reappraised we can adapt our service to suit.


We will agree with the client

- How frequently accounts will be required (i.e. monthly or quarterly).

- When the necessary information should be provided to us.

- How quickly the accounts are to be produced after the ends of the relevant periods.

We take a particular pride in our ability to regularly meet tight deadlines, for example when the client required the information in order to carry out other time critical functions.

The accounts supplied will normally include:

- Monthly or quarterly trading and profit and loss accounts (analysed into headings agreed with the client).

- Balance Sheet at the end of the period.

- Trial Balance.

- Nominal ledger print-out.



We provide a full range of book-keeping services. Our aim is always to tailor the service to the particular requirements of the client concerned.

Many clients find it useful for us to carry out their entire book-keeping functions, including writing cheques to pay suppliers, sending out statements to debtors, etc. Others use our services for just one or two specific aspects. Our systems can be readily adapted to the needs of particular clients.

Clearly whilst certain information must be available (for example, to meet VAT regulations), no two businesses are the same in the way they want to use the information. By discussing the needs with the client, we can ascertain the necessary requirements and tailor the systems to the information required by the client.

All our systems are accepted by H.M. Customs & Excise for the purposes of complying with VAT regulations.


We offer advice as required on all aspects of Value Added Tax.

Within our service, we will

- Complete all VAT Returns.

- Raise cheques as necessary for payment of VAT on due dates.

- Forward the completed VAT Return and payment (if required) to the VAT Central Processing Centre.

Under current legislation traders can be heavily penalised if they are late with VAT Returns. We are pleased to assist in reviewing procedures to help avoid such problems.

As well as routine VAT inspections, Customs & Excise increasingly conduct in-depth investigations and we can assist in handling such problems.



An accurate and well ordered procedure for dealing with the weekly or monthly payroll is obviously a necessity for any business. But for many firms it is a tedious, time-consuming routine function.

Over the past few years the keeping of even the simplest payroll has become more and more complex. Employers are now not only required to deduct tax and national insurance contributions from their employees pay, but also to be responsible for the payment of statutory sick pay and statutory maternity pay, deducting pension payments and keeping all the necessary records.

Added to this, the returns required by the Inland Revenue in respect of national insurance contributions have also become more involved and require the earnings on which employees contributions are payable to be recorded; this is not always necessarily the gross pay, which may be below or above the relevant limits.

With the recent encouragement to employers to set up contracted-out pension schemes, the records required are even more involved, with details of employees contracted-out contributions and their earnings, to which contracted-out rate contributions apply also being recorded.

Our payroll service can handle all this, and more.

We offer a complete service from the setting up of a PAYE scheme for new employees, keeping all the necessary records and preparing weekly or monthly pay slips, calculating SSP and SMP due, preparing P45's for employees leaving and sending all necessary forms to the Inspector of Taxes.

At the end of the year we will prepare the P35 return together with the relevant P14's and P60's, which are sent to the clients for signature and then submitted to the Inland Revenue with all the required forms.



Computers can help many businesses to become more efficient, but a system, which is not suitable for the business, poorly designed or badly implemented, can have disastrous consequences.

Our specialists will discuss a client's requirements familiarising themselves fully with all relevant parts of the business.

Once fully familiar with the client's situation, we will then advise on the systems suitable for the client's needs.

We can supply all the relevant hardware and equipment.



Both businesses and individuals need impartial advice on many aspects of financial services, whether in terms of raising finance, provision for the future or investment.

We are well placed to provide this advice, especially since the taxation implications will often have a significant influence on the range of options available to the client.

We have good working contacts with various specialist advisers as well as with providers of finance. In addition to contacts with the clearing banks we now have contacts with specialist financial institutions.

Mortgages and finance

Determining how much to borrow, and the type of borrowing which is most appropriate and advantageous, is not always straightforward for many clients. We can advise on these matters and - if required - introduce the client to suitable sources of finance.

We can often help in the preparation of suitable proposals for submission to potential lenders in support of applications for business finance. If the client wishes we will also assist them in the negotiations with the lenders.

Corporate Finance

We can assist Companies in raising finance. Typically this ill involve preparing a formal business plan (See Business needs Analysis), which we will do in conjunction with the client.The financial part of the plan will usually be done using Sage Winforecast, a sophisticated program which provides noronly the ability to prepare the Profit & Loss Acount, Cash Flow Statements and Balance Sheets, but also to monitor the Actual results in the future, thus assisting the client in meeting their targets.We have raised finance for clients recently for a number of reasons including the following:

We have also assisted clients on a number of occasions to raise additional Capital from the issuing of shares either by a private placing or through Corporate Advisers & Brokers and applying to have the shares traded on Offex Overdraft to finance working capital requirements.

• Factoring to improve debt collection and finance increasing debtors
• Business Development loans to meet capital requirements
• Lease finance for vehicles, computers and equipment


Traditionally pension plans are, as the name implies, a means of providing retirement income. For many clients such schemes are now also an important element in their overall tax planning. It is very important that pension plans, whether a self-administered scheme or an insured scheme, are carefully integrated into the overall financial planning, with due consideration to the requirements of the individual concerned and his or her business.



Control of debtors and of creditor payments is vital to effective cash management, thereby maximising the use of the cash resources of the business (or minimising the levels of overdraft used) and therefore achieving the most favourable interest position.

We are able to discuss cash flow procedures and can also give advice in respect of investing any surplus funds.



Our management consultancy services are based upon the management accounts and associated reports. With the client we will assist in setting and preparing budgets and business plans.

The management accounts will be regularly reviewed and, in the light of the targets already decided, programmes will be agreed for the control of expenditure and the monitoring and control of overhead expenses.

Items, which are commonly considered, include:

- Deciding on plans for expansion and diversification.

- Consolidation of existing areas of activity.

- Identification of existing areas of business, which are unprofitable, or branches, which are not making the best use of the resources, committed to them.

- The extent to which targets are being achieved and consideration of whether those targets require revision.

- The comparative profitability and performance of different aspects of the business.

- Assisting the client in negotiations with suppliers, customers, sub-contractors, main contractors, etc.

- Negotiating with providers of finance.

- Consideration of joint ventures with other businesses, amalgamations, divestments, etc.

- Ways in which procedures can be improved to obtain better information concerning the relative performance of different cost centres, reduce duplication of work, define responsibilities more clearly and improve the efficiency of the business.

We are happy to be consulted on all areas of a business's activity. From our wide experience of many different types of business we can often bring a fresh outlook to a firm's problems and suggest solutions, which may not have been apparent to those more closely involved in the particular business.



Clients can easily overlook the detailed formalities of administering companies. The authorities are increasingly tightening up requirements and the enforcement of those duties. It is important for a company's statutory affairs to be dealt with properly. We provide an efficient and cost-effective service to assist clients with these responsibilities.

Our services include:

- Company formations.

- Changes of company name.

- Company names and trading names.

- Changes in capital structure.

- Nominee services.

- Agency services.

- Share transfers and registration.


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