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Our aim is to provide sound practical advice tailored to each particular client's needs. One of the particular strengths of GROVE & KING is the wealth of advice available. As far as possible we try to advise clients on all aspects of their business affairs.

Different clients have different requirements. The small business run by a sole proprietor will have different needs from the substantial company considering public flotation.

Whatever the size or type of client, they require competent advice provided promptly at a realistic cost.

New Business

The new business requires competent professional advice on tax and accountancy matters before starting to trade as well as in later years. The initial decisions can easily make the difference between success and failure.

Areas that need particular attention include: taxation, the ownership structure, whether or not to incorporate, finance, pre-trading expenditure, accounting, financial controls, PAYE and VAT systems.

Developing Businesses

The developing business will often need more sophisticated assistance e.g. formulating business plans, tax planning, remuneration structures, finance, the effective use of the computers.

Established Businesses

The established business may present different problems. Some families will wish to retain ownership of companies and will need to plan for the older generation's retirement and the transfer of assets. Others may be concerned with the eventual sale of the business. Taxation, accountancy advice and company law considerations are at the heart of arranging these transactions; moreover our skill in presentation and negotiation can be critical.

Effective management accounting procedures are also very important for established businesses. Profitability can be regularly monitored, new projects evaluated and corretive action taken promptly when necessary.


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